About Cataracts

About Cataracts

What is a cataract?

Over time, our quality of vision starts to decline and becomes noticeable in our 40s. It likely starts with blurry near vision and progresses to loss of image sharpness. This decrease in visual quality is due to changes in your eye’s natural lens. By the age of 65, 90% of people have developed changes to the eye’s natural lens, which leads to a cataract.1  A cataract is a clouding of the eye’s normally transparent lens. A “cloudy lens” is unable to focus light properly on the retina, making images look not as “sharp.”

Learn more about cataracts and the IC-8 lens by clicking on the video below.

How Our Eyes Work

How is a cataract treated?

If you have poor vision due to a cataract, the only way to regain clear vision is to have your cataract surgically removed. Here are some important facts to remember about cataract surgery:

  1. It is the most common and successful surgery performed today with nearly 25 million people worldwide having the procedure every year
  2. Cataract surgery is a simple sight-restoring treatment
  3. Left untreated, the quality of your vision will continue to decline

With today’s advanced technology, you can have cataract surgery today and start enjoying clear vision again.

How is a cataract removed?

A cataract is removed during a short surgical procedure. During the treatment, your eye surgeon will remove the cataract (the natural lens that has become cloudy) and replace it with an artificial lens.

There are several lens replacement options available today, including:

  1. Monofocal lenses – provides excellent far vision; however, glasses are necessary to see objects up close
  2. Bifocal and multifocal lenses – designed to give you good near and far vision
  3. Trifocal lenses – provides good near, computer and far vision at set visual points
  4. Extended depth of focus lenses, the most advanced lens options – gives a complete range of vision including near, computer and far vision without set visual points.

The IC-8 small aperture lens is an extended depth of focus lens. It is the only lens in this category to combine the clarity of a monofocal lens with the simplicity of pinhole technology. The IC-8 lens is designed to:

  • Bring back your everyday vision
  • Provide excellent far vision + computer and reading vision
  • Free you from the constant need for eyeglasses

Learn more about the IC-8 lens and how it is helping cataract patients regain clear vision and achieve spectacle freedom.

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