Discover the IC-8 Lens

Discover the IC-8® Lens

The Advanced Cataract Solution

Applying the same optical principles used in photography, the IC-8 lens takes a clear artificial lens and adds a small mini-ring in the center. This mini-ring creates a pinhole effect, which extends your natural range of vision (near to far) by funneling light through the center of the ring so that only focused light rays enter your eye. This advanced technology is designed to:

  • Bring back your everyday vision
  • Provide excellent far vision + computer and reading vision
  • Free you from the constant need for eyeglasses

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Learn more about cataracts and the IC-8 lens by clicking on the video below.

The Traditional Option

Single focus lens

A single focus (monofocal) lens can enhance far vision, but you may still need glasses for reading, using computers, and other near work.

Up close vision

Computer vision

Far Vision

The Advanced Option

The IC-8 IOL

Using an advanced pinhole mini-ring design, the IC-8 lens allows only focused light to enter the eye so you can once again see from near to far clearly.

Up close vision

Computer vision

Far Vision

Learn more about the IC-8 lens and how it is helping cataract patients regain clear vision and achieve spectacle freedom.